Studio Mica

Studio Mica is formed around a core team of imaginative designers, architects and artists. Our collective experience embraces many types of hospitality schemes including hotels, resorts, villas, restaurants, bars and retail.

We pride ourselves in our ability to design and pursue projects through to completion by working closely with our clients and focusing on their needs and aspirations throughout the process.

Studio Mica and our creative team have worked with individual clients on their homes as well as with leading global brands on prestigious corporate schemes.

“……I only need ask my first question of Studio Mica’s chatty director Carolynne Shenton and she engages me in her highly creative world”City AM

“we wanted to work with exceptional designers. Studio Mica were the perfect choice." James Smith, House of Rohl

Studio Mica is organised around three directors each from an architectural background that have all worked in interior design for many years. They support a diverse team with design and technical skills carefully nurtured and organised to support a wide range of projects.

Hospitality projects are fundamental to our business and our success. Our directors have ‘in house’ hotel operations experience and their exceptional understanding and expertise underpins our hotel schemes and ensures our designs are dynamic, efficient and successful.

Design and interiors are at the core of Studio Mica’s ethos. Our interiors are developed through imaginative design ideas allied to compelling architectural constructs that aim to establish a discernible sense of place. It is our belief that outstanding hotel interiors depend on a coherent concept that orchestrates space, function and movement and establishes a positive guest experience.

We take pride in the success of our hotel interior design schemes. The essence of our spaces, their spirit and soul, are all-important to us and have been successfully adapted for other sectors including Restaurants, Bars and Retail. Our hotel projects have also led to a range of small and larger residential schemes including on occasion projects with an architectural input. These have varied from Grade 2 Listed beachfront homes to international commercial villas and resorts.