WOW!house 2023 Spa Bathroom

In 2023 Studio Mica were invited to participate in Wow!house 2023 at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. A showcase of 18 “world-class interior designers, working in collaboration with globally recognised design brands and suppliers”.

Studio Mica worked in collaboration with luxury sanitaryware supplier House of Rohl to design and construct an immersive series of wellness spaces that transported visitors to warmer climates, where you feel the cultural transition, the breeze from the outdoors, and the tranquillity of the space.

The spa bathroom design invoked a fusion of places and cultures; a space to transport you from the ‘always on’ modern world to somewhere timeless and calming, sensual and seductive. The rigorously structured space created distinct spaces for wellness experiences, bathing, massage, and outdoor showering. A rich colour palette of simple crafted natural materials and textures, recycled green waffle.

The simplicity of the room juxtaposed with the intricacy of the patterns created from simple materials such as clay bricks, raffia and paper cord matting. The space was exhibited in Central London during June & July 2023.

“As well as the breadth, there is also the fathomless depth to consider; the almost imperceptible details that combine to create a whole that is infinitely greater than a sum of the parts”

House & Garden

“The bathroom from Studio Mica and House of
Rohl confronted wellness through the clever use of materials, tones and form. The organic and earthy set oozed natural zen from all angles and proved that ‘wow’ moments don’t have to be ostentatious or outrageous assaults on the senses”

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