Hi Pizza Restaurant, Heathrow, London

A free-standing pavilion in the centre of the Hotels six storey atrium creates the focal point of this all-day dining Piazza restaurant & bar evoking a lively streetscape ambience inside a plant filled open atrium flooded with natural daylight from the fully glazed roof.

The chefs in the open plan theatre kitchen permanently animate this vibrant space inviting guests to join them either at the bar counter on high stools or to settle into one of the perimeter booths. A discreetly concealed support kitchen and waiter stations ensure flawless service at this modern Italian eatery.

The pavilion is circled with tall lamp posts that suspend a canopy of hooded lights above the dining booths that cluster around the pavilion offering different configurations of dining for couples to larger groups of holiday makers. In the evenings, the suspended lights are complemented by backlit laser-cut panels featuring a biophilic leaf-inspired design, transforming the verdant atmosphere from day to night.

Material choices further enrich the streetscape aesthetic; the pavilion is made from pale Mediterranean lime-washed bricks which contrast with the custom deep green glazed ribbed tiles running the length of the bar front. Completing the scene, a landscaped rooftop to the pavilion and lights integrated along the tops of the booth screen walls ensure that every angle of the six-story atrium offers a dynamic and captivating view of this courtyard restaurant.

“......right in the centre of this piazza is Hi Pizza the hotels destination restaurant arranged in a central pavilion housing the open Theatre Kitchen that places diners at the heart of the action”

Premier Hospitality